Portrait Photography

A love for capturing the beauty and emotion in people is essentially our primary drive in photography.

Seeing the light reflect the beauty in someone’s eyes or perhaps their overall style. The ability to show this to others and give them the opportunity to see all that we see in the subject. We strive to release the personality of the people we are working with in order to give a full representation.

These portrait shoots range from personal projects, families to corporate shots, musicians or simply individuals that want to capture themselves at a particular moment in time or as a gift for a loved one. We have worked for a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals, hairdressers and small shops to large corporate companies, design and branding companies. If you have a pet that you would like captured then we can also oblige with this. 

Building a portfolio, capturing a moment in time, creating a gift for someone special; there are many reason why you may want to book a portrait shoot with Soul Perception. We have the various resources depending upon your requirement. From full studio to using nature's own backdrop and also bringing the studio to your own home, or preferred location. A mix of studio and portable equipment suitable to capture the images you are looking for in the most comfortable environment to suit you. Whether this is for one person, couple or family the options and prices remain the same.

Working outdoors - prices start from £50.00

Full studio shoots - prices start from £100.00

Pregnancy and Baby Shoots Bringing new life in to the world, what an amazing experience. Would you like to capture moments before and after the event? Or perhaps both?

We can offer something for each option.

Either Bump or Baby shoot in the comfort of your own home - prices start from £45.00

Book both together and the total price starts from £70.00

COVID UPDATE - Due to the current restrictions in place, indoor portrait shoots are suspended until further notice. Outdoor photoshoots are subject to being within the same tier (currently Tier 4), all parties clear of any symptoms as outlined in the NHS guidelines (high temperature, a new persistent cough, loss or change in sense of smell or taste). Social distancing to be maintained at all times.

Anyone with a gift voucher that is due to expire by March 2021, please contact for an extension to this date.  

Portrait Gallery

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